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Thursday, 17 March 2011

What do blogs do?

This is the question that I keep on coming back to. What do blogs do for the people who keep them? Everyone seems to get different things out of them. They can be beneficial to people's careers, they can be therapeutic for people who hate their careers, they can be incredibly personal... to the point where the readers or 'followers' feel like they are entering into an intensely personal relationship with the blogger. Even if they do not even know the blogger's name. Why is anonymity so important to some people? It seems some webloggers share just about every detail of their lives bar their names. So do the 'followers' really know the person if they have never met them and do not know their name? I think they would say they do.


  1. I think they give a lot more room to let thoughts flow than Facebook or Twitter. Sense of narrative is hard to generate on those media because the expectation (F) or indeed format (T) is short form for those with ADD.

  2. This ( is very very relevant - a seminal project called We Live In Public carried out by Josh Harris in NY in the late 90s.