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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Mr Nice

We also watched Mr Nice last night with Rhys Ifans and Chloe Sevigny (absolutely gorgeous and amazing clothes). It's the life story of Howard Marks, an elite British drug smuggler and I would highly recommend it. I quite fancy a bit of Rhys Ifans, great accent and great sense of humour. Perfect man. Especially love him in Notting Hill.

We had a delicious pea and pancetta carbonara last night. I could honestly eat pasta every day for the rest of my life. WHY is it so good? I'm cooking Cherry's (my dad's girlfriend) sausage sauce pasta tonight which is definitely my desert island meal. It is just sooo meaty and delicious and ridiculously fattening. The last time I made it I put 18 sausages in it.

I need to write 13 500 words over easter holidays and the panic is starting to set in. I am a massive procrastinator/dawdler and the last 2500 essay I wrote took me 2 weeks. Plenty of snacking and cups of tea will be my motivator. My mum's cooking is the one silver lining in an easter 'holidays' that looks to be fairly depressing.


Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Ah I have neglected this blog. Terribly.
Finally finished my essay this morning and can now relax and devote all my time to writing on this blog properly.
The final week of term is always so hectic, there is never enough time to fit everything in. Work, packing, planning for holidays and of course doing most of it on a hangover.
This holiday I will have to do the most work I've ever had to do. Sounds and feels very depressing.  A 5000 word report and 5000 words of summaries, a presentation and I must think about my dissertation!!!!
Dissertation thoughts are massively stressful. I don't really know what I want to do in the future and I think that is a good start/beginning point for thinking about what a thesis should be based on.
aaahhhhh very stressful
Can't wait till home on friday


Sunday, 27 March 2011

I feel that I've been neglecting the blog lately as the deadlines have been slowly accumulating.
It seems to be equally as easy to fall out of the habit of blogging as it is getting addicted to blogging several times a day.
I've become something of a regular feature at the library this week...and it's getting pretty depressing.
The weather is far too tempting at the moment and I would much rather be sunbathing on the beach rather than writing an Aztecs and Incas essay.  Hectic day in London yesterday, as I had my interview to work as a court attendant at Wimbledon.  As I happened to be in London I thought that I might briefly join the government spending cuts protest.  I also attended the main student demonstration in November but I hasten to add that I actually agree with the Conservative government to an extent.
We are in a recession, therefore we need to make significant cuts in order to reduce debts and return the economy to a more profitable state.  The protesters at both events seem to be confused about what they want, many just using it as an excuse to get drunk and violent, which has the affect of damaging and embarrasing the cause and using more of the tax-payers money to fix the devastation.
I understand that the cuts may seem dramatic and maybe a little too fast-paced, but it must be necessary, otherwise the government wouldn't be doing it.  I really resent Ed Miliband talking against the cuts as it is Labour that caused the mess and failed to do anything about it.

Bit of a rant

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Intel Visual Life- The Sartorialist

It is through blogging that Scott Schumann's talent is opened up to the public. Blogging has given this man the possibility to make his work known and it has clearly brought enjoyment to thousands of people's lives. We've talked a lot about the therapeutic aspect of blogs and online diaries, but haven't really touched on the fact that so many blogs can better people's careers. 70 000 people follow Scott Schumann's blog. New media is creating more and more job opportunities for people across the globe- individuals who may not have been recognised for their talent before, are now getting the acknowledgement they deserve. 


Wednesday, 23 March 2011


What the duece to write my dissertation on? What interests me? FOOD. How can i write 13 000 words on food...
Feedback would be great.


James Blake

I am seeing James Blake tonight at Thekla. VERY excited. There's a really small group of us going, which I do prefer on a night out. It means you actually spend the whole night with the people you want to instead of doing 'laps' of the club looking for different people. Going to the apple, a pub on the river, before for the strongest, cheapest cider I've ever had... 3 small glasses and i'm good to go. Walking around Bristol in the sunshine makes me feel happy. I don't know if my sunglasses are rose tinted but everyone looks so much happier and more attractive? I always feel like the sun is healing my skin but I fear it is doing just the opposite. Unfortunately my face has turned into one giant freckle after just one day in the sun. This does not bode well for me.
Thank you kate towers for bringing james blake into my life.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

'By turning us from passive consumers into active producers and sharers of content, the internet is creating a better, more democratic world".

The web is not merely a tremendous source for information- it is a tremendous source for exactly the information each person wants. It's not like TV- everyone doesn't see the same thing.


Sunday, 20 March 2011

watch and read

Jessica (& Subhani)

Friday, 18 March 2011

Interesting article about the issues surrounding privacy and the web and whether so many personal details should be published/made accessible online...



Just had a meeting about out 3rd year dissertations, have absolutely no idea what topic to choose aaaaaah!  It seems ridiculously early to start thinking about it and we have to write a proposal form by May...terrified.

Attempted to walk home after Itchy Feet at Motion last night, bad idea, this should be avoided at all costs.  We walked the wrong way for about 15 minutes and ended up in an abandoned industrial complex, worrying.

Jess and I are sitting in the library at the moment contemplating how best to communicate with the bloggers without becoming annoying and asking them to answer questions all the time.  The problem with our project being mainly virtual and online, means that we have very little abd varied interaction with other bloggers.  We need a more instant way of talking to them.



We now have 9 followers. 9.
I hope this does not influence our writing as now we maybe writing for an audience made generally from friends and family. The power of the audience you are writing should not be underestimated. If you are writing for yourself and you are remaining completely anonymous then you have the freedom to write nearly whatever you choose. I know this is fairly self explanantory

This week has been fairly uneventful. Lectures, tutorials, one night out so far and obviously lots of Fallon. I feel like I don't have much to say right now about blogging or our project in general... and yet why should I write so much about my personal life when its not very interesting and those who may read it probably know it very well anyway. Our project is progressing, thank the Lord there are nice people out there who are willing to help us and reply to our questions.

Thank you Lord and nice bloggers


Thursday, 17 March 2011

A big misconception...

I get the feeling that a lot of people have very preconceived ideas about why people blog and the type of people who are blogging. They make a snap judgment about people who blog before they have even read one. My thoughts were confirmed when a friend of mine asked me what insights I had gained into the world of blogging and then stated "Maybe a bit of a misconception but i thought all bloggers who arent famous masturbate furiously and play world of warcraft??"

The friend requested to remain anonymous (yet another issue with anonymity), saying "No i dont want to be dragged into an online feud that could come back to haunt my political career".

There is definitely a fear with posting thoughts online that any one could read it... Future employers, someone you may enter into a relationship with etc. In the article by Adam Reed 'My blog is me', he talks to a woman who wrote openly and in considerable detail about her relationship issues on her blog. Her blog was anonymous. One night when she was drunk she let slip to her partner that she kept a blog. She was then so paranoid that he would find it and read what she had been telling complete strangers about their intimacies that she deleted her blog completely. I personally would never feel comfortable writing intimate details about my life, even if I knew that no one I know would ever find out it was me.



I'm faced with something of a dilemma at the moment.  I'm really enjoying the process of blogging and following other people's blogs, but I can't help but feel shy and self-conscious at the thought of others following and reading our blog.  Strangely enough I wouldn't mind complete strangers reading about my life, it's more the people that I sort-of know that I feel most embarrased and uncomfortable about....

Having followers is essential to the success of our blog and the creation of online relationships and means of communication, so it seems inevitable that people will eventually have to read it.  Some bloggers want to remain anonymous.  I can definitely see why this is the case, but then why reveal such personal details about yourself online in the first place?  Why not just keep a private hand written journal?

In our lecture today we started to discuss about the best way to contact other bloggers and whether to keep our dialogues solely on the web, or whether to tranform our online relationship into a face-to-face meeting.  This brings up the whole debate about virtual v real relationships.  Which type allows us to be the most truthful and reveal the most about ourselves?  Are we more frank and honest when faced with a computer screen rather than a real person? Is such a thing as an online relationship even possible, or do we need human contact?  These are all questions that our fieldwork project will help us to address. 

Lots to think about
Hard at work in the library

What do blogs do?

This is the question that I keep on coming back to. What do blogs do for the people who keep them? Everyone seems to get different things out of them. They can be beneficial to people's careers, they can be therapeutic for people who hate their careers, they can be incredibly personal... to the point where the readers or 'followers' feel like they are entering into an intensely personal relationship with the blogger. Even if they do not even know the blogger's name. Why is anonymity so important to some people? It seems some webloggers share just about every detail of their lives bar their names. So do the 'followers' really know the person if they have never met them and do not know their name? I think they would say they do.

Monday, 14 March 2011

My friends keep on asking me to send me the link to our blog... I am feeling reluctant. It seems very strange that I feel more comfortable about complete strangers reading what I have posted as opposed to my closest friends who know all these details already. Jenny, Jess and I keep on insisting that we need to make it 'more interesting' before we let our friends see it. But isn't this defeating the point of having a blog in the first place? The blog should be for ourselves... a therapeutic way of expressing our thoughts. Not a series of postings for our friend's enjoyment.
Our initial question when we started this project was to find out why people blogged. I would imagine every blogger has different motives. Some blog purely for their own satisfaction. A form of chronicle, posting entries with their own future reception in mind. Others, the 'celebrity blogger', appear to blog solely for their followers pleasure.
I am finding it easier to post my thoughts the more I do it. It's beginning to feel less alien and more cathartic. I can see myself carrying on a blog after the project has finished. Possibly an anonymous one. Possibly not. I think what appeals to me the most is the idea that I can look back in a few years time and see what I was doing on that exact day however many years before.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Incredible weekend

After having a pretty awful week of illness, my weekend has more than made up for it.  Instead of attempting to start the increasing large pile of work that is starting to accumulate, I instead decided to go to blue mountain on Gloucester Road.  Seth Troxler and Claude Von Stroke were playing and it was definitely far over-capacity....sweatiest i've been in quite a while.

Saturday was one of the funniest nights out this term, as we went to support some of our friends in CLICendales, the medics charity strip show.  Don't know how they had the guts to do it, but all the dancers were amazing.  The highlight was obviously the male full-strip and I managed to catch some of the clothes thrown from the stage, hilarious.  Been beautiful weather all weekend, really need to start working soon....

Jenny xxxx

the weekend

This weekend has been a pretty darn good one.
Saturday was spent mucking out and going for a ride around Tyntesfield which is absolutely stunning. I wonder if the Natural Trust would consider selling it to me when I'm a billionaire....
BUT my ride was almost spoilt my these two stupid old ladies. I coughed politely behind them so that they would know a huge horse was behind- they were walking very, very slowly and couldn't hear me so I didn't want to alarm them. However when the nearest old lady turned around with menace at her eye, she very accusingly said
"do YOU know that this ISN"T a bridleway??"
I obviously apologised, and said know I had thought it was as the horseshoe signed had pointed down this path. She replied with
"well you can just turn around now then can't you!!""
I was going to be openly hostile but sarcastically thanked her. Evil old witch. It's people like her who give a bad name to the elderly, who are usually ever so polite and talkative and helpful. Grrr

Saturday night was spent at the O2 for the 2011 medics clicendales - a dance and strip show. It was absolutely incredible, such a fantastic entertaining night. Where are all those gorgeous medics hiding?? The girls full strip was wedding themed, I caught or rather a bouquet of flowers hit my cheek- guess I'm getting married.......

Sunday has been spent recovering, lunging Fallon, running in Ashton Court and eating far too many potato waffles.

The amount of work done this weekend is frankly worrying. Hmmm


Saturday, 12 March 2011

My first rant...

It's 10 am and I've been in the library for almost 2 hours. On my way here I passed people coming back from a night out. GOOOOD.
I don't understand where the last 2 hours has gone. How can printing and photocopying take quite so long?? I think our departments should print all our reading off for us. I've probably spent around £150 since I've been at university on printing credits. A very boring rant, but a necessary one. After all there is absolutely no one in the library at this time to rant to. So I am writing it on this blog.

Friday, 11 March 2011

My life

Heya, this is Jenny.....

quite unsure of exactly what to write about as this is the first blog post I've ever written completely on my own.  My life has been fairly dull this week as I've spent the last 2 days cuddled up in bed feeling ill and very sorry for myself.  The time in bed has allowed me to scour the internet for fresh, new blogs.  One blog that we are very excited about is 'Hesaidshesaid' which seems like it will be very personal and entertaining, as it is about the dating scene of 20 something year olds.
I was also able to watch my favourite film 'Pulp Fiction', easily the best soundtrack of any film ever made and Quentin Tarantino is a genius.

The rest of my week consisted of a 'legs, bums and tums' class at the University gym which left me paralysed for at least a day afterwards.  As a result of this, I felt like I deserved to completely pig out on pancake day, as I had some of the girls round mine for a lil pancake and pyjamas partaaay.   Ate at least 10 pancakes with maple syrup and raisins yuuuum.  It seems strange that I am not particularly self-conscious about writing about my personal life on what could potentially be a very public forum.  I need to get into the habit of hopefully writing this blog everyday, so that it becomes a part of my routine, in order to gain an insight into the life of a blogger

Bye for now

This is Izzy.
I've had a fairly eventful week. On monday night we had a surprise party for one of my housemates boyfriends. The cheesey nachos and vodka jelly were a highlight of the night. On tuesday I drove to London with a friend to go and see Wicked. It was an extremely belated birthday present and it was INCREDIBLE. We could not have had worse seats however... literally the last row of the whole theatre but no matter. The end of the night was marred slightly by our decision to watch Ross Kemp extreme worlds. DO NOT watch the episode on heroin addicts in Chicago if you have a phobia of needles. We had to turn it off and put on Glee after 20 minutes because I thought I was going to be sick. I then had nightmares all night about heroin addicts attacking me and catching horrible diseases.

On Wednesday I went to a charity concert held at St John's Church in Westminster. Very sadly a year ago one of my friend's mothers passed away. Since then her uncle has composed a requiem to celebrate her life. The requiem was incredibly beautiful and moving and all the money raised from the concert went to the charities Mind and Camfed, a charity that helps impoverished women educate themselves in sub-Saharan Africa.

I drove back to Bristol on thursday morning in time for a lecture at 11. I then had a 5 hour 'nap'.

This is the first time I've ever written something about my everyday life on a blog, which anyone in the world could potentially read. It took me about 20 minutes to write when it should have only taken 5. I feel incredibly aware of what I am writing and that it has to be interesting! Sadly I feel I have been unsuccessful in this... Does everyone writing a blog feel like this when they first start out? Who is their audience?

snapshot of my life

this is Jessica
the past week has been one of the most stressful during my time at university
however not due to my uni commitments
i have been manically driving around north somerset trying to find a new home for my horse, Fallon.
the current yard is closing down, and due to the current economic climate the majority of diy yards close to bristol have gigantic waiting lists. luckily i have found a nice little yard, just close enough, where she will go on grass livery till the end of term.
i have been so stressed about this situation that it has been all i can think about. my work has been put on hold and i have had incessant headaches and nausea. emotionally pathetic? maybe....
as any horse owner will know, horses can be the most stressful thing in life at times (especially regarding livery yards and when injured) however horses also give incredible amounts to their owners. it is generally the highlight of my day, getting out of bristol into beautiful countryside and being able to groom a stunning,  big warmblood and then have a fantastic gallop through the fields of failand. i know i am incredible lucky to have a horse at all let alone at uni, and i hope the past week is not repeated anytime soon, in part due to my ever increasing work load.... feel we are quite behind with our blogging fieldwork which makes me panicky...

ahhhh on an entirely different note, this entire morning i have been glued to BBC news online. the images of the devastating earthquake and the consequent tsunamis are incredibly sad. my thoughts are with all the people of Japan and the pacific basin.

bye for now


Tuesday, 8 March 2011

What to choose?

We are trying to decide which category of bloggers to focus upon.  The blogs that we personally found most interesting to read, and isn't that surely what blogging is all about, are the blogs under the headline lifestyle, as they were personal and witty.  We were surprised that we actually really wanted to continue reading about people's personal opinions and feelings.  Maybe people's fascination with following other people's lives is why Twitter and blogging is so successful...

Thursday, 3 March 2011

'My blog is me': Texts and persons in UK online journal culture (and