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Thursday, 17 March 2011


I'm faced with something of a dilemma at the moment.  I'm really enjoying the process of blogging and following other people's blogs, but I can't help but feel shy and self-conscious at the thought of others following and reading our blog.  Strangely enough I wouldn't mind complete strangers reading about my life, it's more the people that I sort-of know that I feel most embarrased and uncomfortable about....

Having followers is essential to the success of our blog and the creation of online relationships and means of communication, so it seems inevitable that people will eventually have to read it.  Some bloggers want to remain anonymous.  I can definitely see why this is the case, but then why reveal such personal details about yourself online in the first place?  Why not just keep a private hand written journal?

In our lecture today we started to discuss about the best way to contact other bloggers and whether to keep our dialogues solely on the web, or whether to tranform our online relationship into a face-to-face meeting.  This brings up the whole debate about virtual v real relationships.  Which type allows us to be the most truthful and reveal the most about ourselves?  Are we more frank and honest when faced with a computer screen rather than a real person? Is such a thing as an online relationship even possible, or do we need human contact?  These are all questions that our fieldwork project will help us to address. 

Lots to think about

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