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Sunday, 13 March 2011

the weekend

This weekend has been a pretty darn good one.
Saturday was spent mucking out and going for a ride around Tyntesfield which is absolutely stunning. I wonder if the Natural Trust would consider selling it to me when I'm a billionaire....
BUT my ride was almost spoilt my these two stupid old ladies. I coughed politely behind them so that they would know a huge horse was behind- they were walking very, very slowly and couldn't hear me so I didn't want to alarm them. However when the nearest old lady turned around with menace at her eye, she very accusingly said
"do YOU know that this ISN"T a bridleway??"
I obviously apologised, and said know I had thought it was as the horseshoe signed had pointed down this path. She replied with
"well you can just turn around now then can't you!!""
I was going to be openly hostile but sarcastically thanked her. Evil old witch. It's people like her who give a bad name to the elderly, who are usually ever so polite and talkative and helpful. Grrr

Saturday night was spent at the O2 for the 2011 medics clicendales - a dance and strip show. It was absolutely incredible, such a fantastic entertaining night. Where are all those gorgeous medics hiding?? The girls full strip was wedding themed, I caught or rather a bouquet of flowers hit my cheek- guess I'm getting married.......

Sunday has been spent recovering, lunging Fallon, running in Ashton Court and eating far too many potato waffles.

The amount of work done this weekend is frankly worrying. Hmmm


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