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Friday, 11 March 2011

snapshot of my life

this is Jessica
the past week has been one of the most stressful during my time at university
however not due to my uni commitments
i have been manically driving around north somerset trying to find a new home for my horse, Fallon.
the current yard is closing down, and due to the current economic climate the majority of diy yards close to bristol have gigantic waiting lists. luckily i have found a nice little yard, just close enough, where she will go on grass livery till the end of term.
i have been so stressed about this situation that it has been all i can think about. my work has been put on hold and i have had incessant headaches and nausea. emotionally pathetic? maybe....
as any horse owner will know, horses can be the most stressful thing in life at times (especially regarding livery yards and when injured) however horses also give incredible amounts to their owners. it is generally the highlight of my day, getting out of bristol into beautiful countryside and being able to groom a stunning,  big warmblood and then have a fantastic gallop through the fields of failand. i know i am incredible lucky to have a horse at all let alone at uni, and i hope the past week is not repeated anytime soon, in part due to my ever increasing work load.... feel we are quite behind with our blogging fieldwork which makes me panicky...

ahhhh on an entirely different note, this entire morning i have been glued to BBC news online. the images of the devastating earthquake and the consequent tsunamis are incredibly sad. my thoughts are with all the people of Japan and the pacific basin.

bye for now


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