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Friday, 11 March 2011

This is Izzy.
I've had a fairly eventful week. On monday night we had a surprise party for one of my housemates boyfriends. The cheesey nachos and vodka jelly were a highlight of the night. On tuesday I drove to London with a friend to go and see Wicked. It was an extremely belated birthday present and it was INCREDIBLE. We could not have had worse seats however... literally the last row of the whole theatre but no matter. The end of the night was marred slightly by our decision to watch Ross Kemp extreme worlds. DO NOT watch the episode on heroin addicts in Chicago if you have a phobia of needles. We had to turn it off and put on Glee after 20 minutes because I thought I was going to be sick. I then had nightmares all night about heroin addicts attacking me and catching horrible diseases.

On Wednesday I went to a charity concert held at St John's Church in Westminster. Very sadly a year ago one of my friend's mothers passed away. Since then her uncle has composed a requiem to celebrate her life. The requiem was incredibly beautiful and moving and all the money raised from the concert went to the charities Mind and Camfed, a charity that helps impoverished women educate themselves in sub-Saharan Africa.

I drove back to Bristol on thursday morning in time for a lecture at 11. I then had a 5 hour 'nap'.

This is the first time I've ever written something about my everyday life on a blog, which anyone in the world could potentially read. It took me about 20 minutes to write when it should have only taken 5. I feel incredibly aware of what I am writing and that it has to be interesting! Sadly I feel I have been unsuccessful in this... Does everyone writing a blog feel like this when they first start out? Who is their audience?

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  1. Yes everyone feels like this. Except for the terminally egotistic.