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Sunday, 27 March 2011

I feel that I've been neglecting the blog lately as the deadlines have been slowly accumulating.
It seems to be equally as easy to fall out of the habit of blogging as it is getting addicted to blogging several times a day.
I've become something of a regular feature at the library this week...and it's getting pretty depressing.
The weather is far too tempting at the moment and I would much rather be sunbathing on the beach rather than writing an Aztecs and Incas essay.  Hectic day in London yesterday, as I had my interview to work as a court attendant at Wimbledon.  As I happened to be in London I thought that I might briefly join the government spending cuts protest.  I also attended the main student demonstration in November but I hasten to add that I actually agree with the Conservative government to an extent.
We are in a recession, therefore we need to make significant cuts in order to reduce debts and return the economy to a more profitable state.  The protesters at both events seem to be confused about what they want, many just using it as an excuse to get drunk and violent, which has the affect of damaging and embarrasing the cause and using more of the tax-payers money to fix the devastation.
I understand that the cuts may seem dramatic and maybe a little too fast-paced, but it must be necessary, otherwise the government wouldn't be doing it.  I really resent Ed Miliband talking against the cuts as it is Labour that caused the mess and failed to do anything about it.

Bit of a rant

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