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Sunday, 3 April 2011


It's very strange and eerie being in Bristol at the moment.  The term has ended and most people have left, so walking around uni is a bit like a deserted ghost-town.  I'm writing this sitting in a pretty empty ASS library...the only people left are probably very keen third years.  The only reason I'm still here is because I'm doing an 'insight into media' course in Bristol next week, very nervous about all the expected networking.  Had a spa day yesterday and sleepover with some of the few remaining girls here.  Raiding the remaining contents of their fridge proved to be particularly fruitful as we completely stuffed ourselves with pancakes.
Realisation has dawned about the ridiculous work-load for this Easter.  Need to do more research on the phenomenon of blogging, I think I will read this article today:

We all seem to have forgotten to blog about our visit to the Bristol Twestival, which took place at Metropolis on Cheltenham Road on the 24th of March.  It was a really fun night and of particular interest to our project because it was organised by people who had met through Twitter and other online social networking sites.  The event raised money for the Rainbow Centre for Children and featured performances from the Dub Mafia, Temple Circus and beatboxers.  We spoke to several of the guests about their involvement in Twitter and they all said that they were regular users and had forged many new relationships because of the site.  The Bristol Twestival is a unique opportunity for relationships to transcend the divide between virtual online friendships and meeting people in real life.  We all gained many valuable insights from this experience,


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