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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Project Time

I haven't written a blog post in a while, mainly because I've been trying to finish all my other work so that I can completely concentrate on this blogging project.
After reading a few articles today to the general act of blogging, a few key points have been sticking in my mind.

1) Blogging maintains an interesting place in between the personal and public spheres.  This is because the minute you start typing and publishing posts, your words can become public.  This means that they are no longer in your control and other people can use and interpret your words as they like.

2) I have also been thinking about how blogging has emerged as a new research tool for conducting fieldwork.  This blog is a massive part of our project, as it allows us to be reflexive and experience the process of blogging.  New media, especially blogging may have large consequences for the discipline of anthropology.  More and more anthropologists have actually started blogging and discussing their research interests with a wider audience.  Therefore, blogging can be viewed as encouraging new forms of dissemination, as there are more opportunities to exchange knowledge and build networks.

3) I recently set up a personal Twitter account in order to compare blogging and micro-blogging.  Twitter is definitely more interactive, as I was immediately receiving followers and it was much easier to search people that I wanted to follow.  However, tweets seem so impersonal because they are so short.  Twitter is much more about broadcasting your immediate actions, whereas blogging allows you to really think about what you are writing and express yourself.  In this sense, I much prefer blogging, because Twitter seems a little shallow and to-the-point.


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