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Monday, 28 February 2011

Our very first blog. Our very first post.

Who are we addressing? Who are we talking too?
We are three students from Bristol asking the question 'Why do people blog?'
The first post is inevitably going to be the hardest one to write. None of us have 'blogged' before so this is a new and strange experience to. We may not feel completely comfortable sharing our ideas on the internet... who is reading this? Does anyone actually care about what we have to say? One word springs to mind 'self-conscious'.
This is the first stage of our project and as of yet we don't really know where it is going but we'll keep you updated, whoever 'you' are. We're most likely just talking to ourselves, navigating our way around a huge social platform. We're now a part of a virtual community. How exciting!
If anyone reading this has any comments, however small, please share them with us. We want to know the reasons why you blog and whether you feel part of an online community.
Izzy, Jenny and Jess

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